Absolute newbee Q

I'm a complete newbee in the archaic world of tagging as proven by my already seeing so much (about 2 days) of my precious time going down the drain. I have scanned 40+ pages of this support forum to avoid littering this place with such a basic Q as this but nowhere have I found a clear answer to this. So excuse me but I'm in desperate need of information.
I have in excess of 250 GB of flacs (1.1.4) which I need to tag ONLY for use with slimserver and stream to my Transporter. So metadata contained in the form of Vorbis comments is all I need if I got this right? But I find no no choice in the pref panel for tags like Vorbis comments!
For an absolute newbee this may not be obvious though it may strike down as a surprise for even less experienced users but as such equipped with some reality distortion.
From Florians reply to one post I understand that for flac only Vorbis comments are supported. Does this mean that tagging files automatically end up as Vorbis c:s so I wont have to worry about it or what choices/settings will I have to do in advance?

Yes. There are no tag settings for flacs.

You don't need to worry about it! Mp3tag uses automaticly the FLAC Vorbis Comment tag.

Thanks, guys!!! As always nice & QUICK replies! Much appreciated.