Absolute Track Numbers to Disc Track Numbers


I have just completed tagging my entire library using Picard. I decided to use the absolutetrack number rather than track numbers per disc. See attachment. I have a 30 track album split over two discs.... my track numbers currently read
01/16-16/16 for the first discs (correct)
17/14-30/14 for the second and subsequent discs which is obviously not so good.
The last two digits each time /XX represnt the total tracks on that disc which has been preserved by picard.

I've now changed my mind and want the track numbers per disc i.e. on the second disk i want the track numbers to sart again at 01 and go to 14 followed by /14

The attachment makes this much clearer....

I tried auto track numbering but that just writes numerical 01, 02 etc. and will wipe out my total tracks per disc

I'd rather not run them through picard to fix (slow and painful) so any help to do this in MP3TAG would be well received

EDIT: as you can see i have the disc number and total tracks per disc just need the track per disc to recreate the xx/yy numbering. My filenames currently use the absolute track numbering of XX - artist - title

Then you have not seen all the options in that dialogue - there is one to store the total number. And there is one to reset the counter for each new directory. So if you have your files in a separate folder for each CD then the numbering will be done for the CDs in one go.

You want to repair the values TRACK/TOTALTRACKS regarding the DISC 2/2.
At first move the track 23/14 into the right position within the tracklist.
Then select all tracks from DISC 2/2.
Open the Tracknumber Wizzard.
Set and check the wanted values and press OK.
Check the result.
If it does not satisfy, then undo the last step.


Thanks for your replies both, i did have a further play with the auto track numbering and whilst it does have the ability to restart at each dir (or alternatively just renumber starting from disc 2) it is still fairly manual and time consuming for my very large library.

Fortunately i found a solution in that musicbee could do the entire database in a single button press using the renumber tracks feature. MB intelligently picked up the disc numbers i had in place, computed the total tracks and renumbered everything in the XX/YY format starting from 01 per disc break.

If you want to continue to work with Mp3tag effectively, then I recommend you to get to know how the automatic tracknumber wizard works.
This will save you from time consuming learning and applying other software.


... and it has the option to save the total number of tracks - which you deliberately seem to ignore.
If you arrange your files that they are grouped together with one CD in one folder then you can renumber your

in one go.
I do not know where the manual work should come from.