Accept Discogs Tags ignoring the Album Cover One Time

I know I can turn off cover art selection as an option but I would like to ignore the displayed cover art just this one time.
My music library is singles and I often find Discog tags in one selection are better than in another, but the cover is better in the other.
Having a little 'X' for removal similar to that in the extended tags window would be helpful (also one in the Tag Panel would be helpful).

AFAIK you can set whether a cover is to saved in the tag and/or as a file in the utils-button-menu.
So if you switch that off, you don't get the cover.

Thanks. I mentioned that. But it stays off for all my subsequent searches and so is not one time.

Till you get that:
Using a right-mouse-click in the tag-panel and selecting the option to remove the cover is only 1 click more and available now.

It is also not necessary to remove the cover before saving another cover. You get asked if you want to keep the existing or replace the existing cover.

Thx. The Tag Panel X isn't as helpful as the Search Results X, but what the heck. If you're going to code X's, then let's get them all.