Access denied at program exit and Action Problem


after updating to version 2.66 on a Win8 system I get a message "Access denied" when exiting the program. Something cannot be written, but what?

When creating a new action the new program doesn't store the action in the action list. It just silently disappears. I want to replace "/" by " - " in all tag fields. That was possible before, now I can reenter the action settings again and again, no way to get it stored in the action list. Maybe the same problem with access rights...??

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BTW: I searched but couldn't find any solution, am I the only one?

I do not know what kind of installation you use.
But the reason for the error message is that the mp3tag.cfg file could not be written.
This is usually the case if you are not the owner of the folder in which this file resides.

for ownership
and/or the program folder from which you start Mp3tag.
Then use the Windows means to change the owner.

If you are not sure how to do that you might want to have a look at this Microsoft article
(link leads to microsoft page:


I tried it with %appdata%... but there is no folder MP3Tag in %appdata%...
I tried your link to Microsoft and it tells me that the page is not available anymore...

Finally I added my user name to the access rights of the folder "MP3Tag" within ...Program Files (x86)\MP3Tag as a user with all access rights and now it works...

It probably might be a good idea to set the access rights correctly when installing the program... well, just a suggestion to avoid these problems

Thanks anyway,
happy again

A program installer should never set access rights to parts of the program folder in windows.
Program config-files and data have to be placed in %appadata%.
I use Mp3Tag now for more than 5 years and any version of it installed these files in the user profile, where I have access rights.
I therefore have no idea why you have no mp3tag-folder in %appdata% and why the installer of mp3tag should not have installed it right.

That is a pity.
Here is a link for information in the forum which also leads to (hopefully working) microsoft page

Mp3 Tag has stop working in W8.1

Well, I understand that, but believe me, there is no MP3Tag folder within %appdata%... no idea why! Probably I had a very old version installed, updated it to the latest release and that generated the problem - but seriously, I have no idea!

But thanks to your kind help info I could resolve my problem anyhow.