Accessibility issue with a menu in Mp3tag


In the tag panel on the left of the main window, in the context menu for the cover art, the submenu for the "Change cover type" menu is not read by screen readers like NVDA and Narrator.

Steps to reproduce it:

  1. Launch a screen reader like NVDA or Windows Narrator.
  2. Launch Mp3tag.
  3. Navigate to a folder with at least 1 file with an embedded cover.
  4. Select that file in the list.
  5. Right-click with the mouse on the embedded cover in the tag panel on the left.
  6. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to navigate in the main menu.
  7. Select the "Set cover type" menu and use the right arrow key to open its submenu.
  8. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to navigate in the opened submenu.

Actual results:
The screen reader does not read the highlighted menu item as it normally should.

Expected results:
The screen reader should read the highlighted menu item in that submenu.

Test environment:

  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro version 1903 (build 18362.418), 64-bit, in Bulgarian with all locale settings set to "Bulgarian".
  • Mp3tag version: 2.99a.

Thanks for reporting and the detailed description of the issue. I've reproduced it locally and will fix it with a future release of Mp3tag.

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I've now fixed this with Mp3tag v2.99b.

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