Accessing and Ripping SACD Tracks

Hi, I realise that this is probably beyond the remit of MP3TAG, but I was advised to ask in as many quarters as possible. I've always had excellent service from this Community, so just hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction:

I've been reviewing 2 separate CDs from a well-established company, and both happen to be in Hybrid SACD format. I don't have access to a SACD-player, so I use my conventional CD-player. I know there are two distinct layers on SACD discs, and that a CD player simply read - and rip - the CD layer, as with a conventional player. This works fine, and as long as I make this clear in my review, this is acceptable.

However, I have one Hybrid SACD disc here, that contains a 'bonus track', as they call it. This 'bonus track', though, appears ONLY on the SACD layer and so there is no way for me to access it, to hear - and report back -what the contents are like.

I can't get access to an SACD player, and from a little research I've done, there is either no small plug-in drive to my Windows 10 PC, that otherwise simply doesn't 'see' the SACD layer.

I understand there might be a way of being able to access the track in a sort of round about way - making some kind of ISO copy of the disc, but clearly I don't want to do anything which I might come to regret, just to be able to listen to a 10-minute track which will only be possible if I can get hold of an original SACD-player.

Any suggestion gratefully received, and apologies if I have overstepped the mark by seeking non-specific advice on this Community board.

Many thanks, in anticipation.

Any chance that you are not the first one looking for this bonus track?
Maybe you can find it elsewhere then on your SACD?

Many thanks!

I have searched the internet far and wide to see whether there's a conventional audio recording I can find somewhere out there, but it is hiding!

I may have a word with the CD label, as I'm sure it's not the first time they've been asked this, especially when you've paid for a track you can't otherwise access!

Please come back and report your findings, as this is something I have never hear about

I did speak with the CD company - Dutton - but they confirmed that, while I wasn't the only person to ask whether it's possible to access a conventional recording of an exclusive SACD track, but they confirmed they didn't have access to anything.

It's like a garage giving you 5 gallons of petrol free in a can, except that your car is a diesel!! But even there, you could still sell the 5 gallons to a petrol driver!

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