Accident: Deleted 30g of mp3's in WMP11

As the title says...I was noobishly trying to delete playlists from WMP11, but I was actually deleting 'all music'. Before I realised and clicked cancel, I had sent 30gig of mp3's to the recycle bin.

When I went to 'restore' the files from the bin they disappeared from the bin itself, but were lost. They never went back to their original location (C:).

Anyway, using a data recovery app, I was able to salvage every single mp3. All 30gig worth.

But, when the recovery app restored them to my slave drive, it restored them with file names such as "dc1290" (in other words, not restored with proper song names).

In 'My Computer' the files are a massive list with such names, but in the artist, album title fields the details are correctly displayed. Also, when I play one of these files, WMP11 actually displays the correct song title.

My question there a way I can get the original names back showing in their original folders, rather than the "dc1290"?

Can MP3Tag do what I would like?

If you have the info in the tags then you can use "Convert > Tag - Filename" to move your files into new folders.
With a format string like
%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) - %title%
you can make new folders.