Accumulated Time "Action Item"

This may seem a little odd, but a secondary yet valuable use for Mp3tag is to make it easy to prepare a folder of music tracks to be "manually" played in a desired sequential order.

After selecting the music tracks from our station's master digital music library, it is a simple matter to collect them in a folder created just for that show. Opening this folder's files in Mp3tag makes it easy to assemble the tracks in a desired order and renumber them sequentially. Assume for the sake of discussion, the folder's tracks are to be re-numbered 1 through 30 for a two-hour music show. Having done that, it would be great to have an additional column in the file view window that displays the accumulated time from the start to any point in the list.

This accumulated time column would help us determine where in the program we can best fit in required live and prerecorded announcements. As it is, we're supposed to perform certain tasks at prescribed times during the show: back-announce what we played, thank listeners and local businesses for their continued support and to announce upcoming events of interest to our listeners.

Any comments, suggestions or efforts to add this feature will be appreciated.

So you use MP3tag to broadcast?
Or does the player/broadcasting sw feature user-defined fields?
How would you see in a list of

that you have to stop and insert that announcement?
Wouldn't that be also a part of the 30 items in the show?
And wouldn't the length of the announcement have to be added to the elapsed time?

MP3tag shows in the statusbar at the bottom the accumulated time of the currently selected files.
So if you widen the selection you should also see how much time it would take to play the selection.

You can make it like this:

  1. order tracks as desired
  2. tag tracks with consecutive track numbers
  3. use export script to create text file containing list of cumulative times
  4. edit resulting text file by removing blank line
  5. use Converter "Text file - Tag" to write cumulative time to each track
  6. create column to display cumulative times

The attached export script makes use of the functions that facilitate user-defined variables.

Find Cumulative Seconds.mte (166 Bytes)

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