AcoustID Fingerprinting?

Hello there,

Thank you for your wonderful program! The thing I think that would make it better than all the others is if it had the ability to perform an AcoustID Fingerprint.


What exactly do you mean with "perform" an AcoustID Fingerprint?
What should Mp3tag do with your selected tracks?

Hello, by utilising AcoustID fingerprints, Mp3tag would be able to automatically determine the identity of a track and therefore infer its tags. There are a number of tagging programs which already offer this option. Also, it's an open source project so it's free.

I know how AcoustID works :wink:

To "utilise" AcoustID, Mp3tag has to calculate the fingerprint for every selected song. This is already possible using the fpcalc.exe commandline tool available for various OS here.

Then Florian has to register Mp3tag as new client to get the needed aplication API key. With this key and the calculated fingerprint, Mp3tag can send a request to the Webservice from AcoustID.

The result in format json, jsonp, xml must be analyzed by Mp3tag and presented in a useful way (similar to webscripts).

You are right:
It would be great if a tagging program like Mp3tag would offer this possibility to recognize songs even without any existing local metadata.

After the end of the Amazon-websource-support Florian is maybe looking in such a solution? :ph34r:

Impossible as many many songs are on many many Lp's CD's etc. As an example I just did a search on my hard drives 92 copies of Elvis - Heartbreak Hotel. 92 with identical song (length-bitrate-duration) from 92 different Lp's CD's

It works quite well on other programs, besides you can always join the project and submit your own acoustic IDs to improve the database.

Yes! Thanks you for iterating it in more detail. With the fpcalc utility it shouldn't be too hard to implement into the program, I should think. :wink:

If I go into more detail about my recent activities, I was attempting to tag my music (some of it I had no idea what it was) using Shazam by holding my phone up to the speaker. It worked a lot of the time, even for obscure techno and stuff, but I thought, there must be some automatic way to do this using my computer.

So, I did a bit of research and came across Mp3tag amongst others. Another popular tagging program is Musicbrainz Picard, it worked quite well, although it currently does not tag WAV which is what I want to tag, whereas Mp3tag does.

Now, some of my music I can only find on Beatport which is why Mp3tag is so useful to me because I can use Stevehero's amazing Beatport scripts which are very useful!!! Another good tagging program is TagScanner which is similar to Mp3tag IMO, but it's really easy to tag from Discogs with, I don't seem to be able to tag from Discogs with Mp3tag at the moment.

The good thing about Picard however, is that it can do AcoustID fingerprints to automatically determine your tracks in batch. So, (if it tagged WAV) I could just leave it to automatically tag all my stuff, come back check the mistakes and manually tag the rest with Mp3tag and TagScanner.

Now, I'm sorry to mention all these programs, I'm not saying one is better than the other, rather I wonder why I should have to resort to all these different ones for different functionalities. I realise they're all free, but since I've started I might as well finish up by mentioning Quintessential Media Player. The reason being, some of my music being obscure, single, random techno tracks, on some occasions Picard's AcoustID fingerprints were linked to erroneous results in the database, whereas Quintessential, with fingerprinting capabilities of its own would be more accurate.

The difference between Picard's and Quintessential's fingerprinting is that Picard uses AcoustID but Quintessential uses MusicID which is produced by Gracenote which is also the fingerprinting technique which Winamp used to use. Quintessential stopped being developed in 2009 and unfortunately I don't seem to be able to tag WAVs with it, but the fingerprint works well! Doesn't work with Winamp any more though.

Sorry to make this post so long, I shall finish by mentioning I was on the Musicbrainz Picard forum recently talking about stuff like this, about how I thought there should be a tagging program which could query Shazam, AcoustID and MusicID, as well as tag 'manually' from Discogs, Beatport etc. I received an interesting reply from the Musicbrainz Communicty Manager speaking in favour of AcoustID, quote: "Shazam may have more audio files in its database compared to AcoustID, but there are a lot of audio files that are fingerprinted in AcoustID that will never make it to Shazam, while the opposite is unlikely to be true. Shazam is inherently tied to the music labels put out. This means that it won't ever have unofficial/"pirate" live bootlegs. It won't have Joe Random's Amazing Top Hit Mashup Remix that was put up for download on SoundCloud. It probably won't have a CD with sound samples from a manufacturer's range of digital keyboards. It won't have the demo CD your neighbour gave you the other day after her garage band had come back from a friend's place to record it, etc., etc. MusicBrainz and AcoustID can have all of these just fine."

I am not sure if you have the full picture.
Esp. with the latest update, some more discogs web source scripts have been included in the installation:
Mp3tag Development Build Status

And there are some more in the Web Sources section of the forum:
So if access to discogs is the only reason to use another program, you might reconsider that.

I don't understand exactly how it works, because first of all, it says 'Search by: Album (Discogs)', as I mentioned, most of my music is not in albums, but single tracks of random releases. So, I have this track for example, namely "Kolombo - Je T'aime (Carlo Lio Mix)". When I write 'Kolombo', I get a list of stuff (but it doesn't contain the right one). When I write 'Kolombo - Je T'aime (Carlo Lio Mix)' I get 401 UNAUTHORIZED 'Error connecting to server: However, the search works well with TagScanner, and in an easy and intuitive way. No, I did not realise there were more Discogs scripts in the Web Sources section of the forum, I shall have a look, thanks. I still think AcoustID would be cool though :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I can find my track using the release ID which I've just figured out how to do. Please, forgive my noobishness.

Cool, but for the record: Where did you get this (discogs?) release ID?

Yes, I wasn't sure where to find the Discogs release ID either, but after searching on the internet, I found out that you just simply take the series of numbers from the end of the URL.

So, for example with the release:

The ID would be: 78831

kid3 for osx uses music brainz fingerprint. It's a selection in the menus and will try to pull up by finger print the track information. Quite handy even if it only gets a couple you can then try to pull the rest of them up from other sources that are also in the menus.