ACOUSTID not visible

Hi Everyone,

I don't understand how it's possible I am not to find AcoustID after generating AcoustID on MusicBrainz

  1. No I don't use MB services
  2. Yes, I use AcoustID as UID

I try to get a Fingerprint for a MAXIMUM of songs, but that appears


I am not able to find the FP on MP3tag but it's visible on MusicBrainz, also on KID3D, what is the problem, because ACOUSTID_FINGERPRINT is preconfigured, it can't be an settings error, it is something linked with Tag format ?

Many thanks

I can see the ID3 tags ACOUSTID_ID, the ACOUSID_FINGERPRINT and the ACOUSTID DURATION with Mp3tag on a track tagged with MusicBrainz Picard:

But not to give false hopes:
Picard will NOT write the fingerprint inside the ID3 tag.

For the record:
You don't generate the "AcoustID on MusicBrainz".
You locally generate a fingerprint, send the fingerprint to the and - if matched - get back the AcoustID from

I suggest that you ask over there at MusicBrainz how the entire fingerprint process works in detail.

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Thank you this is what I did