Action > Case Conversion (Normal) does a good job with filenaming.

when case converted in for eg. this file name 01 - aRtisT - tiTle.mp3 it will result in this 01 - Artist - Title.mp3

Is it possible to let the already capital words remain their case, and just upper case the first letter of word if they are not?

like 01 - aRtisT - tiTle.mp3 may become 01 - ARtisT - TiTle.mp3

Kind regards,

From: aRtisT To : ARtisT Action "Format value" ARTIST <== $regexp(%ARTIST%,'^.','\u$0') From: tiTle To : TiTle Action "Format value" TITLE <== $regexp(%TITLE%,'^.','\u$0')

... or have a look to the function $caps2() ...

_FILENAME <== $caps2(%_filename%)


It worked :smiley:

You and all those who have helped me in past are genius :blackhat: