Action "Codepage convert"

Regarding this "National Language Support (NLS) API Reference" ...
... I have a question for understanding the practical handling of codepage conversion:
which languages are supported within Mp3tag ...
by the action "Convert codepage"?

Because within the action dialog ""Convert codepage" there is a picklist of languages, ...
and for example there are two languages with codepage 0, ...

0 Maltese - Malti

0 Maori - Reo Maori

... does it mean that all other languages from the API Reference, ...
having the same ANSI codepage 0, ...
... are already supported by Mp3tag too? 005E Amharic Amharic

045E Amharic (Ethiopia)
002B Armenian Armenian
042B Armenian (Armenia)
004D Assamese Assamese
044D Assamese (India)
0045 Bengali Bengali
0845 Bengali (Bangladesh)
0445 Bengali (India)
0065 Divehi? Divehi
0465 Divehi (Maldives)?
0037 Georgian Georgian
0437 Georgian (Georgia)
0047 Gujarati Gujarati
0447 Gujarati (India)
0039 Hindi Hindi
0439 Hindi (India)
0x785D Inuktitut (Syllabics)
045D Inuktitut (Syllabics,
004B Kannada Kannada
044B Kannada (India)
003F Kazakh Kazakh
043F Kazakh (Kazakhstan)
0053 Khmer Khmer
0453 Khmer (Cambodia)
0057 Konkani Konkani
0457 Konkani (India)
0054 Lao Lao
0454 Lao (Lao
004C Malayalam Malayalam
044C Malayalam (India)
003A Maltese Maltese
043A Maltese (Malta)
0081 Maori Maori
0481 Maori (New
004E Marathi Marathi
044E Marathi (India)
0x7C50 Mongolian (Traditional
0850 Mongolian (Traditional
0061 Nepali Nepali
0461 Nepali (Nepal)
0048 Oriya Oriya
0448 Oriya (India)
0063 Pashto? Pashto
0463 Pashto (Afghanistan)?
0046 Punjabi Punjabi
0446 Punjabi (India)
004F Sanskrit Sanskrit
044F Sanskrit (India)
005B Sinhala Sinhala
045B Sinhala (Sri
005A Syriac? Syriac
045A Syriac (Syria)?
0049 Tamil Tamil
0449 Tamil (India)
0078 Yi Yi
0478 Yi (PRC)