Action : copy filename to %title% or to %work%

In order to use my classical library on Slimserver...
[ ]
...the %work% tag must be filled.
I managed to swap tags on multiple lines, but not to copy them.
I tried the shortcut filename->tag, but can't make it work.
Same question for the %title% field...

In Convert > filename - tag you enter just %title%
Then the filename is written in the title tag.

Thanks a lot !

Now I must fill %WORK% with infos like %TITLE% or %ALBUM%, according to what is best :
I tried the "converter" : Replace "WORK": %WORK%->%TITLE% but it does not

To copy tag fields you should create an action:

Action type: Format value
Field: WORK
Formatstring: %TITLE%

Superb! Thanks again.