Action & directories


I make an action to rename my file , i and would also create a new directorie
so i choose:
"Format value"
and i put
"%artist% - %album\%artist% - $num(%track%,2) - %title%"
if i do this with "tag to filename" it create a directory....

So I just want to use few click to rename my mp3, and i see to solutions for my problems:
-can use "tag to filename" in action mode
-better improve action mode to make it create a directory

Do you have other ideato solve my problems ??
Do you think it ill be implemeted in the future ???

Thanks a lot for this beautiful programs... :smiley:


First of all, there's a percent sign missing after "album", but that isn't the problem. AFAIK, you cannot create directories by using actions, and binding the Tag - Filename wizard to the actions isn't possible.
Maybe Florian will add support for creating folders using the Format Values action.


Thanks for this answer....
So now i'll now..
Maybe for the next version....


Yes, I'll consider adding directory creation to the next release.

Best regards,
~ Florian


The current Development Build is able to create directories when using the actions :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian


:w00t: Great, it's a very good news , thanks for all


Hallo Florian,

have you covers of your albums in the directories too?

The rename function to a directory is great, but the problem is that existing covers are still in the old directory.

So it would be nice if the renaming of covers would be else supported (no tag, of course only renaming the filename).
Then two flys with one hand get: Covers will be in new renamed directory and they are themshelves renamed.
The cover should get simply the same name as the new directory + a ending (example front / back - the type (front, back) could get before renaming by parsing.

Well maybe much work? Should be a brain trigger (lol, whats Gedenkanstoß?), perhaps you have another or a better solution?



Hello Fux,

I've thought about renaming non-audio files several times, but I have still no good idea how to solve this. The problem is, that there is no way to give a formatstring for a non audio file, because it has no tag. They're also not listed in Mp3tag's file view, so it's kinda problematic to decide which non audio files should be moved to.

~ Florian


Hello Florian!

Maybe a new action type would be the solution:
Action type: Move Cover
Field: %album%.jpg
Formatstring: %artist%\%album%..\%year%\%album%.jpg

So you can use Tags from the current selected audiofile and search for some other file (with given name) in the directory of this selected file. After it you can easily move/rename it in whatever you want.