action does not work

this does not work on any of my albums, why?

also if i generate an action with "format value" and change %track% to 0%track%
this also doesn't work.

can anybody help?

autonumbering works fine (ctrl-k) but not this actions.

This may be the case if you have mp4 tags. They do not allow leading zeros for TRACK.

no this is not the case, because autonumbering including leading zeros works well

The expression you have used works for a single digit in the track field.
if you also have the total number behind the slash in the field, then it is a different pattern that does not match the search string in the regular expression.

Sorry, i did not read thorough enough

have you checked, if you have got another field with numbers in it if you look at the extended tags dialogue?
because: if you applied the action the way you described it, it should work.
But as typos may happen (the errorist wins) or you have used the letter o instead of the number zero - I cannot verify this from the distance - but this would explain it.

no it's definitly the number 0, and i copy-pasted it from the above quote, which is exactly the regex i also found out befor i searched for a proper solution.
it seems to me that this actions-functionality doesn't work at all in my version of mp3tag

why should another filed with numbers in it affect this action which addresses only this special %track%-field?

I tried to divert the view to the possibility that instead of the the field TRACK e.g. a field TRAK (or some other version of misspelling) has been treated.
So, e.g. if you format a field TRAK with 0%track% it naturally would not show as modification of TRACK ...
Just guessing.

I have read about filetypes, which accepts as tracknumber only a numerical value, but not a numerical string:
(number) 1 vs. "01" (string, is not a number).

Please show us the actions.
Have a look at the function $num(value,width), which aligns the value at the left edge with character '0' up to 'width' size; as a sideeffect $num(value,1) removes all leading zeroes.


ok, here some snapshots of the actions and the results, or better a video .....
bad that it's not allowed to upload a video file here.
so, here is a link to the videos, but ...... probably not forever reachable, bad for the forum here.
a picture shows more than thousand words, and a video shows more than thousand photos, cause they are :slight_smile:

just a shot in the dark ...
... are there spaces at the left side of the track numbers?

If you do a preview and apply this formatstring ...
... what do you see?

I am sure, that this formatstring will work for your example ...


... same as ...



no there were no spaces inside the track number.

honestly i dont know, what went wrong, i created now the same filter from scratch again, and now it works.

so thread closed.

thx for trying to help me anyway.

QUOTE ( @ Sep 14 2014, 14:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
... i created now the same filter from scratch again, and now it works. ...

Filter - huh ???
It is the first time that the word filter in this thread shows up, and what does the Filter have to do with the initial problem?