Action doing the same as "Filename - Tag" ?


Is there a way to create an Action doing the same as "Filename - Tag" conversion ?
The aim is to include that action in an action group to perform several processes in one click.

Other question : is it possible to create an action to initialize "Genre" to "Pop" for all selected mp3 files ?


Edit : the "Filename - Tag" pattern is "%dummy%\%artist%\%album%\%track%_%title%".

I've tried again without success.
Here is more information about my request.

All my mp3 files are stored in folders, as following:
C:[variable path structure][artist][album][track]_[title].mp3

Thus, with "Convert" -> "Filename - Tag" conversion, I'm using the format string "%dummy%\%artist%\%album%\%track%_%title%", which runs fine.
The %dummy% argument drops all leading and useless sub-folders, so only the two last folders of the path are used as artist and album.

I have tried an action script with "Guess values" to extract the artist and album.
Source format: %_folderpath%
Guessing pattern: %dummy%\%artist%\%album%\

This action does not work the same way : the artist is set to the first sub-folder name, the album is set from the second sub-folder to the end of the path.

Is there a way to extract the two LAST sub-folders as artist and album with an action script, just like the "Filename - Tag" does ?

Source format: %_parent_directory%\%_directory%
Guessing pattern: %artist%\%album%

Source format: %_parent_directory%\%_directory%\%filename%
Guessing pattern: %artist%\%album%\%track%

Thanks dano.
That's exactly what I need :wink: