Action - Double Artist-Ttitle


I have several album with doubled taging - in ARTIST and TITLE fields.
Please look at the attached file.
I would like to remove Artist from TITLE and Title from ARTIST fileds - red lines on the picture,
and then make Tag - Filename function.

Please help how to make it, with Regular Expression ?

Many thanks in advance,

Oh, so many ways lead to rome .... :wink:

there are at least two alternatives:

you can use the converter tag-filename right now and write only %title% or only %artist% and then use the converter filename-tag with the mask %artist% - %title%.

Or you apply an action of the type "Import tag fields" (Guess values) for either %title% or %artist% and enter the maske %artist% - %title%.
Then use the converter to get the filename right.