Action Filename -> Tag


I'm trying to create the above procedure in a action so I can do a batch of things...

I create a action that

Remove fields except...
Case Conversion
Add cover based in mp3 filename

My filename are always "Artist - Title.mp3" and
I would like to use the option filename -> tag in this action so I can do all the things

BUT I cannot figure how to create this in the action

I can use ok the filename -> tag and tag - filename but in the menu "convert" I would like to add this function in my action

Thanks in advance

If I understand you right you want to use the convert dialog to simultae these mentioned actions.

You have to do it the other way:
Create an action group (several actions that are executed with one click) and add an action to this goup that is equivalent to the action of the convert-menue. The items of the convert-menue are only predefined actions with a preview and you can do the same and very much more if you define actions with the action-menue.

Format value:
Field: _filename
Format String: %artist% - %title%

Thanks for you answer

I try that but I would like the other way the filename fills the tag

Like Convert -> Filename - Tag


Action: Guess Values
Source Format: %_filename%
Guessing Pattern: %artist% - %title%


Perfect and quick answer