Action Group.Presets - having to apply twice?

So, as per the title... I'm having to apply my Preset Actions Groups twice in order for all of teh actions to be applied?

Anyone got any insight on that? Wy could that be happening?

One reason could be:

Some of your (later) actions can only be applied, if other prior actions are already executed.

Your 1st action write the first character in uppercase after a comma and a space
Your 2nd action replaces all "(" (opening brackets) with a comma and a space

Because of the order of your actions from top to bottom, your 1st action can only be applied completely if the 2nd action was already executed for the same tracks.

That was my first thought. But, I haven’t changed the order of the actions in the group.

I think it happened after an update.

Guess I’ll have to do some trouble shooting around order of actions…