Action Group.

I mistakenly deleted a default action group 'Standard' which has maybe 6 or 8 actions. :huh:
This was by carelessly clicking the icon for the task (X).
However no warning was displayed of my pending mistake. (This would be nice :slight_smile: )

How might I restore this lost group. (Reinstalling the app does not solve the matter.)
Are these scripts stored somewhere in the app folder tree that I can copy & paste?

AFAIK the actions are (special) text files that get removed from the file system if you use the delete button. So I doubt that you find the action anywhere unless you have a backup of the %appdata%\mp3tag\data\actions folder.

In %appdata%\mp3tag\data\actions folder I have a file Standard.mta with content.
I cannot find any method to import this 'special format file'.
Is this covered somewhere in the forum already??

Confused :frowning:

Before you take the effort to find the correct folder (here is a thread that deals with backup and installation: /t/964/1
you might open the mta-file with the Windows Editor and see if it really contains the actions of your action group.

Places that might also contain mta-files:

  • the installation folder for MP3tag
  • the program folder of a portable MP3tag installation.

As you found the standard.mta files in the %appdata%\mp3tg\data\actions folder it is fairly likely, that you have a portable or migrated installation that does not use that folder.

Thanks again.
This was v2.78 that was missing the said files in both folders above. This was not corrected by updating to v 2.79. ( I expected this to fixed, maybe wrongly, by update but not so for unknown reasons.)
However I was able to correct this situation by uninstalling FULLY the updated v 2.79 and then reinstalling v 2.79 as a new instance. This then restored the missing system file 'standard.mta' to both folders above and showed it correctly in the Action menu list.
This was what I needed. Thanks