Action help with %subtitle%

New to Actions with MP3 tag! I am renaming all my audio books by looking them up with the audible Tag source.

I am trying to append the subtitle to the file name - Specifically for all the Star Wars books - it grabs the title and series but the Subtitle has the actual book name. So I am trying to use this action tag to rename my filename and I want to add the subtitle to the end of it. However this is not working and I have been searching for the answer for a couple of days now.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

%album% (%year%)[ '['%series% %series-part% %subtitle%]']$ifgreater(%_total_files%,1, - pt$num(%track%,2),)

Do you have a screenshot of your Extended Tag Panel you can share for reference on these fields?

Also, it looks like one of the single quote marks around the closing square bracket following %subtitle% is missing.

If this is an accurate representation of the string that you use, then you are missing an apostrophe behind %subtitle%
%album% (%year%)[ '['%series% %series-part% %subtitle%']']$ifgreater(%_total_files%,1, - pt$num(%track%,2),)

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