Action (I think)

How can I bring the following change about to only the ARTIST Field:

The Troggs -> Troggs, The
Smiths, the -> Smiths, The

I have been messing about for ages with little to no success.


You should filter the data as swapping any two name parts could lead to unwanted results.
%artist% MATCHES ^The

Use an action of the type "Replace with regular expression"
Enter as search string: The (.*)
Enter as replace string: $1, The

(also possible would be: Search (.) (.)
Replace with: $2, $caps($1)
to get any "the" to "The"
Beware of the ARTIST The The.

And every other Artist with the word 'The' correctly inside his/her name:
The Bigger The God
The Dutchess & the Duke
Zombina and The Skeletones
Zulya and The Children of the Underground
and so on... :ph34r: