Action - Import text file


First off, thanks for this fantastic software which I have been using for several years. I searched the forum, but found nothing relative to my specific question.

I'm using v2.41 currently and format my tags to UTF-16. I would like to use the "Actions - Import text file" function in the same manner I use "Text File - tag" function so I can combine several tag preparation Actions into an Actions Group when I add new albums to my collection. With "Text file - tag" function I am able to import and assign multiple tags with one text file using ;; as a delimiter, but when I put the same format string in "Actions - Import text file" and point it to the file with the tags, I get no update to any of the mp3 files. Is it possible to use "Actions - Import text file" with a delimiter (of any kind) to import multiple tags with one text file import?