Action Keyboard Commands



I have a couple of actions I created that I use on almost every album I tag...Add Album Cover, Make Title Titlecase and Copy Album Year To Album Sort Field.

Is there a way you could make it so we can assign custom keyboard commands to our favorite actions?

I know hitting Alt-5 brings up the Action dialog box, but I would love to be able to hit Alt-8 or something to automatically trigger one of my favorite actions.

Please forgive me if this functionality is already there and I don't see it!

Thanks! MP3Tag is the best and I use it every day!



It is already there.

Use the characters "&" and "#" for your actionnames to get custom keyboard commands and press Alt+A instead of Alt+5 ot trigger them.

opens the action drop down menu in the menu bar.

Put this into the action name in front of the character you want to use as a keyboard command for the action. e.g.:
Split &Title into Artist and Title
This action would be triggered by pressing Alt+A and than T

Put this into the action names to create submenus (only one level deep) in the action drop down menu. e.g.:
&Split# &Title into Artist and Title
&Split# &Album into Albumartist and Album
These two action would be triggered by pressing Alt+A, S, T (for the first) and Alt+A, S, A (for the second)



That is pretty close to what I was looking for.