Action Menu Level 3 Is Undocumented

The relevant page is: Actions – Mp3tag Documentation

Nowhere does it mention that an additional level of Action submenus is possible by adding a second standard separator (#). For example, this Action title:

youTube#Kozak#Track-Artist - Title - Year from Filename

gives this three-level menu:

Having worked with standard Windows menu bars years ago, I remembered that they support at least three levels. So I tried a third level here and it worked perfectly. I then did the same to several more of my actions. After a year of use on Windows 7 (32 bit) I have seen no problems whatsoever.

Over the years my Actions menu list grew to the point where I had to scroll down to see all of the choices, even after adding many sub menus. The ability to add a third level greatly reduced menu clutter and sped up access.

So I suggest that the Action Group documentation and the FAQ should be updated to include this very useful "hidden" feature.

AFAI can tell the documentation does not say that menu levels are limited to 2. And it also does not say that 3 is the limit - as i think that this is something that the underlying OS is managing. So if e.g. W12 should support 4 menu levels then the documentation would have to be updated again, possibly with descriptions for different cases.
I would say that sometimes being a little vague makes life easier.

But now, as your thread points out that 2 is apparently not the limit, the feature has become public and is not hidden any more.

Edit: just tested it: 3 does not seem to be the ultimate end. I just created a name with 4 # in it - and that name creates the corresponding number of submenus. So the basic statement:
If you use the # in your action group name, Mp3tag uses anything before the # as name for a submenu and anything after as a menu item in that menu
is still correct.

I agree. And that is why I did not specify how Florian should choose to describe this capability. My point was that the documentation should be clear that more than two levels are possible. I think few users would guess that from the current language.

So yes, the current language is correct as far as it goes, but it could certainly be more helpful.