action menu - nested if/then chains

first of all, hallo to everybody :slight_smile:

mp3tag is a cool tool, until now i've used it only for "basic" functions and did not give a look to the "action" menu.

but now, i need to tag a compilation series that is quite long.

all of the issues come in different formats, eg. "\compilation1\disc1\01 - track.mp3" and "\compilation2\101 - track.mp3"

i want to uniformate the formats, eventually moving and renaming files. is this possible to do whitin Mp3tag ? we will check how later on, if this is possible

thanx in advance

for renaming files: is there any pre-made scripts repository ?

this would help a lot, and would not force noob users (like me lol) to open replica threads

Welcome to Mp3tag Forum.

Please start reading there ...
... and study the Forum FAQ areas and especially the requests from other users.
Try to get an impression what is possible and what is impossible.

Lay out your plan, what you want to do.
For example ... what do you mean by "i want to uniformate the formats"?

After all ... if you have any open question to be answered in detail, then you are invited to come back and ask again.