Action of guessing values doesn't work and then requires reinstall of MP3Tag

I used to use an action that migrated cleanly through updates on it's own but when I reset my windows I had to reinstall programs. My file structure is songs in mp3 format file named as the song title, in a folder named after the album, and all the albums go in a folder by artist. The cover is always cover.jpg in the album folder. So I had an action that imported the cover from file cover.jpg, Guessed the vaule %title% from %_filename%, and did the correct structure for the other guessing values. 4 actions put under one action altogether and when I run it the covers are imported but nothing else changes. Then if I go into tag using tag and manually do those actions one step at a time, it also does nothing. If I uninstall and go straight to the tag to tag instead of using actions it writes fine, but then I get hopeful and try to make my action again to just have it be one click and it then repeats everything above and I have to reinstall again

It may be worthwhile to check the settings which tag versions you read, write and delete.
See Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.
It could be that you now read APE tags but you do not write them. APE tags overwrite ID3Vx tags in the display.
A recommended setting is to delete all tag versions, but read and write only Id3Vx tags.