Found this app recently and looks very good.
An extra bonus would be to allow a command-line system - via scripts.

Two questions today are:
(A) I typically download shows that are about 2 hours and then cut them down to about 7.5m files (various reasons). I then have to tag them.
The files are the same YEAR; GENRE; ARTIST each week. The only difference is the ALBUM.
Each week it will increment by a number - say "ASOT 255" or "ASOT 256".

The ACTION (macro system) is an excellent feature - and I can preload. But what I don't seem to be able to do is when changing the FIELD ALBUM it would be nice instead of entering the name, would be to see something like or . Could be and . Then as each file is processed it would ask. PROMPT ALL would ask once and I would enter ASOT 255.
ANother thought is a wildcard system

So for value I enter ASOT (or ) Then it would prompt "ASOT " and I would enter 255.

(B) I noticed the rename as another option, and notice the auto-rename down to 64 chars.
(1) Nice to be able to embed in the action the ability to auto-rename there as well.
My tracks, after I split with "mp3splt" come as ASOT 255_001.mp3... I prefer to rename to "ASOT 255_01.mp3".
(2) Would be nice to be able to rename to even shorter - say 30. Some music players only show 30 as it stands.

The key is that the ACTION could be made more robust.
Nice to be able to FIRE an action AND auto generate the filelist.

(in the end I have a bunch of tasks that need to fire - most of which would be better served if I could do stuff in steps via command-line scripts)

Great app.