Action (quick) replace does not treat \\ as expected

I'm trying to replace the comma and space I use to separate my artists in the artist tag field with \\ so that Mp3tag writes a null character to separate each artist in my ID3v2.3 mp3 files and writes multiple tag fields for my vorbis comment flac files.

When I manually replace the comma and space with \\ using the tag panel, everthing works as expected. However, when I use the replace command via actions (quick), Mp3tag instead just replaces comma space with \\ in the actual tag fields, as confimed using a hex editor. That seems like an error. This was very tricky to initally figure out, because Mp3tag displays the artist tag field identically in each case, even though what was actually written to the files was different.

Is this an unintended result, or is this an intentional restriction on what actions can do versus manually that I don't understand? To eliminate the possibility of something unique on my end, it would be appreciated if someone either confirms this behavior or refutes it by trying what I did. Thanks!

Yes, that's a known behavior. Whether it's intentional or a bug... I dunno. Use a 'Split field by separator' action instead of a 'Replace' action.

Thanks for the quick reply!