Action "Remove fields except" and Cover Art

i created a action called test and set it to remove fields except Album;Artist;Contributing Artist;Ep;Recorded;Re-Recorded;Title;Year. i ran that action and it did what should have however it lost all cover art. i'm not sure why this happen, did i need to include cover art in remove fields except?


The field name is PICTURE.

so the cover that was there before i did the remove is now lost i take it do to not having the picture in the string.

The picture got removed as it apparently was not included in the list of exceptions.
Please note that there is a special note in the help for the actions to remove fields concerning the embedded cover.

ok i looked the special help link and i'm confuse about the picture part. both show picture in removing and keeping to me. is there any way to get them back without going back to copy/ paste.

Did you try the undo action?

One explanation is about the action "Remove fields", the other about "Remove fields except".
Unless you have the picture somewhere like e.g. in other files from which you could export it to the file system and then import it to the treated files, I do not see much chance than to research the pictures from scratch again.
If all that is not your cup of tea, then I can only say: Backups would be a nice idea or testing an unfamiliar action on a sample file first.

yep pulling from backup! will try again thanks.