Action replace underscore


Hi all,

I first want to thank the author for making this awesome program!
It's very advanced, works excellent and the fact that it's freely available is much appreciated.

On to my problem:
Everything seems to work except i can't figure out the actions-feature.
I read the help page and faq,..but i still can't get it to work.

I'm trying to create an action that replaces the underscores in the filenames with spaces.
I created a new configuration named "remove underscore", chose action type "replace", chose field "__FILENAME", original "_" and replace with " ".
But when i select a mp3 file with underscores and choose the created action,....nothing happens. Also chosing one of the pre-defined actions doesn't rename anything (like the Case conversion action).

How do i have to apply these actions succesfully?



Hi Wesley,

did you check the small checkbox in front of the action group name to activate the action group?

Best regards,
~ Florian


DOH! :flushed:

</homer mode>

That was embarrassing stupid :wink:
I didn't see they were checkboxes (and didn't read anything about it in the help or faq either).
It works great now.

Thanks for the fast help :smiley:


I'm posting this question in the same topic to keep my stupidity and newbiness in one place:

When i choose "delete" from the contect menu to delete a (duplicate) file,....nothing happens (the file is still there).
Did i overlook another checkbox somewhere again ? :wink:

Thanks again. I renamed massive of songs exactely the way i want it (using the great actions-feature).


You need to press the [Ctrl] key even when using the function from the right click menu.
That's because I'm really tired of people which are deleting their whole music collection through Mp3tag and are complaining about that.

Best regards,
~ Florian


hahaha you're nat alone!
I've been trying to enable this function for half an hour :smiley:

Little suggestion: Maybe it would be usefull to make information about it (like: You didn't check anything!) instead of 0 of xx formatted... (which keeps user confused)
But anyway.... THIS TOOL IS AWESOME!!! :slight_smile: (from among tagging tools :stuck_out_tongue: )