Action "Replace"


I used action "replace" _filename containing "3", now all my MP3-s are gone from this program sine I do not have any MP3-files any more. Of course they are in my folder but they all misses "3" in extension *.mp3, Anyone with a bright idea how to fix this? Thanks.


How about replacing ".mp" with ".mp3"? :smiley:

Try doing a "rename *.mp *.mp3" in command prompt.


I know this command. My problem is that in "my music" folder, I have very manu folders, in each folder it is very many mp3-files (about 4000). So renaming in command prompt is a very big job. Is there a action is this software that can add "3", like to songname.mp3


Did you close MP3Tag in the meanwhile? If not, you can use Undo. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am thinking how to achieve the renaming using a batch file... Stay tuned.


Download Case's "Sweep" and use the following at the command prompt ("sweep.exe" should be in the root folder where all subfolders containing your music are stored):

sweep ren *.mp *.mp3

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Thanks. Worked fine. Now all mine 4788 MP3's are back to normal, also done a backup of 30Gb.