Action to add a tittle part to artist


I have mp3 that have two artists but only one of them appears in the artist tag. The other ius in the title in the form title-artist2:

TITLE: I have none-Freedy

What I wanted was to change the artist tag to have both and remove the second from the title tag:

ARTIST: Elvis and Freedy
TITLE: I have none

I suppose this can be done using the actions scripts and regex, but I can't really do it. The regex I'm using is (.)-(.) and I'm replacing with: %artist% and $2

Am I doing something wrong?

Replacing works only within one field but not across.

I would create an action group with the following steps:

  1. Guess value for TITLE
    Pattern: %title%-%temp_artist%

  2. Format value for ARTIST
    Formatting string: %artist% and %temp_artist%

  3. Delete field %temp_artist%

Please watch out that some title will most certainly have hypens without an artist name following.

Thanks a lot: works wonders.

I just have a question: something the pattern tittle pattern doesn't have nothing.

With this action group, when the pattern %title%-%temp_artist% is not found the %temp_artist% is assumed to be "". This makes the artist be "artist and ".

How do I fix this now?


%ARTIST%[' and '%temp_artist%]


I thought about entering another topic but the question is quite similar so I'll place it here.

I have file like:
TITLE: The Music Title - The Artist-1997
YEAR: 2014

The actual year is 1997 and that's what I wanted to put in the YEAR tag.

I tried to use the same approach as above but the guess value always returns "".

How can I do this. Also, is there a in dept manual about the actions besides the forums?


Like all Windows applications you press F1 for a context sensitive help manual or you can start reading from Help -> Contents.

the 'guessing' pattern is:

TITLE: %title% - %artist% - %year% YEAR:%dummy%

I would say that the guessing pattern could be:
%dummy% - %dummy%-%year%

If the example is correct then there is no blank-hyphen-blank in front of the year.
Also, the guessing action overwrites the values in existing fields.

Yes, there is no blank-hyphen-blank before (not after :slight_smile:) year.

But it still doesn't work.

I'm defining a guess values action as
Source format: TITLE
Guessing pattern: %d1% - %d2%-%year%

but nothing happens. I don't quite understand these fields either. Care to shed some light onto them?

The metadata of a whole tag is structured into "fields" so that it is easier to judge, what kind of information can be expected in one e.g. ARTIST should hold the name of the artist performing a TITLE.
In MP3tag it is possible to tell MP3tag which field should be filled by using a certain syntax to address the fields - a fairly complete list can be found in
In addition there are some pseudo-fields that can be addressed but their contents cannot be modified (like bitrate or length) or it is not really part of the tag (like _filename).
The placeholders for fields have the same name as a field encapsulated with %.
And there is %dummy% which tells MP3tag to ignore that part.

Coming back to the "not work": Probably I got it wrong: I just issued a possible way to get the year copied into the YEAR field - it still stays in the TITLE field as long as the "guessing" does not invoke a re-write of the TITLE field.
e.g. the guessing pattern
%title% - %artist%-%year%
would copy the part for artist and year into the corresponding fields and then overwrite TITLE with the bit that is described by %title% - this way it looks as though some of the contents has been moved ... it has been copied and then been deleted... (which is a move in a way).

So coming back to my idea: my suggestion does not rewrite TITLE so the contents stays the same - but the year should have been modified.

To get rid of the year in the title, you can create an action group that first copies the year to the field YEAR (with the guessing action) and then do a "replace with regular description" for TITLE
Search string: -\d+$
Replace string:
(leave empty).
This should delete everything after the hyphen

Actiontype 7: Import tag fields (guess values)

Source format __: %TITLE%
Guessing pattern: %TITLE% - %ARTIST%-%YEAR%

TITLE=The Music Title - The Artist-1997
TITLE=The Music Title
ARTIST=The Artist

Actiontype 7: Import tag fields (guess values)

Source format __: %TITLE%
Guessing pattern: %DUMMY% - %DUMMY%-%YEAR%

TITLE=The Music Title - The Artist-1997
TITLE=The Music Title - The Artist-1997