Action to change my mp3 tagging back to 'normal' ?


For almost 10 years now i have been using the same, custom made actions in MP3Tag to organize all my ID3 Tags. In retrospect this might not have been the smartest format (i was younger back then) and now i would like to change back to something more conventional.

Currently my albums are formatted like this:
Artist field: Artist - Album <CD#>*
Title field: Artist - Title
*This is optional... i only apply this to multiple CD albums.

I used this formatting because i like to use a single (huge) playlist in Winamp/Foobar instead of a media library. I want to keep doing this, but now i simply want to change the ID3 tag data that the application is displaying from Artist - Title to Artist - Album - Artist - Title rather than actually doing this inside the ID3 Tag.

Now i would very much like to create an action so i can restore this ID3 formatting back to normal.
Something that will make the format like:
Artist field: Artist
Title field: Title
Album field: Album name
CD# : ??? Not sure if i should put this info (CD1, CD2) in the Album field or not....

Is there a way i could create an action for this without having to temporarily store any of the info in an unused field (like comments) ?
I would like to revert from using any data from the filenames, since these are often not so neatly formatted (caps, characters etc) as my tags currently are.

Thanks in advance.

Use an action of the type "Guess value" for each source field, e.g.
Source: %artist%
Format String: %artist% - %album%
This should transform the artist field to just the artist part and fill the ALBUM with whatever comes behind the hyphen.

As you already have filled the ARTIST with the previous action, you now have to use something different for the field %title%:
Source: %title%
Format string: %dummy% - %title%

or alternatively
Format string: %albumartist% - %title%
(This fills also the field ALBUMARTIST with an artist name).

Then filter for the files that have the CD# in the album field:
%album% HAS <cd

and use another "Guess values" action, this time for
Source: %album%
Format string: %album% <CD%discnumber%>
(the last bit has to match the exact case and spelling in the field)