Action to copy ARTIST to ALBUMARTIST with multiple values

I want to copy like this example:

(Existing) ARTIST=Shelly Manne & Bill Evans


(New) ALBUMARTIST=Shelly Manne & Bill Evans\\Shelly Manne\\Bill Evans

Can you help me format an Action that would do this?

The various "delimiters" in the existing ARTIST tag can be "&", "And", ",", "/", "-".


In the best possible case you can get a working action for your example
Shelly Manne & Bill Evans

But just think about this examples:
The Mamas & the Papas (groupname, not two different persons)
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra ("His Orchestra" would be a strange second album artist)
Earth, Wind & Fire (would lead to 3 names, but this is also a group name)

I don't believe that you can create a useful action for all your delimiting characters.

Good point, thanks. I wouldn't propose running this Action without manual inspection. It just makes it easier rather than retyping all the individual artist names.

Basically, you could do it this way:

Step #1: Copy the content of ARTIST unchanged into ALBUMARTIST
Step #2: Split the ALBUMARTIST by your listed delimiters into multiple album artists

Please just do this for a previously filtered and manually selected amount of tracks. Otherwise you will get unexpected results!

Step #1: Use a new action type "Format value":
Format string: %ARTIST%
This will overwrite every content already existing in your ALBUMARTIST tag with the ARTIST content.

Step #2: Use a new action type "Split field by separator"
Separator: Whatever you like to use, like & or , or / or -

Again: Please be very careful using such an action!

Don't use it with multiple split characters like the word "and"! This would split the album artist
"Duke Ellington and His Orchestra" into 3 album artists:
Duke Elli
His Orchestr

I think that it can be done in a single action:
Format value for ALBUMARTIST
Format string: %artist%\\$replace(%artist%, & ,\\, and ,\\)
... the list of possible separators/keywords could be extended.
I am pretty sure that some players accept multiple values for ARTIST but I doubt that they do for ALBUMARTIST - so if at all, the other way round would be ok.