Action to Copy Filename to Title

I've managed to create an Action to copy the Filename into the Title field, the format string is %_FILENAME% but the filename includes a track number eg 01 Road to Heaven.mp3.

How can I amend the format string so that it does not include the track number when it copies it into the Title field.

What about an action of the type "Guess value" (import tag-field) for _FILENAME
Guessing pattern: %track% %title%

Hi ohrenkino

Unfortunately that didn't work. I've only been using the program for a few days so maybe I didn't set up the Action correctly. This is how I set it up based on your suggestion:

Guess Values Source Format: FILENAME Guessing Pattern: %track% %title%

Is that correct.

What I'm trying to achieve is to copy PART of the contents of the Filename tag into the Title tag. An example:

Filename tag contains "01 Song from Album.mp3" I want to copy "Song from Album" into Title tag.

You do not tell what does not work.
One reason could be that the reference to the filename should be _FILENAME with a leading underscore.

Hi ohrenkino

Sorry about that.

I created the action: Guess Values Source Format: FILENAME Guessing Pattern: %track% %title% then highlighted a file and tried it. A window came up with: "Formatted tags in 0 of 1 files. 0 of 1 files renamed".

I've now changed the Source Format to _FILENAME as you suggested but I get the same result.


And some more syntax:
The "Source format" field wants the reference to the variable contents - %_filename%
_FILENAME is not enough.

Hi ohrenkino

Thanks a lot. That's exactly what I wanted.