Action: To name folder from album title



I can a l m o s t figure this out but not fully...someone please help:

My Album is named "Fillmore, SF - 1971-10-21"
I want to rename my folders to
"Artist - 1971-10-21 - Fillmore, SF"

I know how to turnaround the album name but how do I direct it to folders,
in one go, without renaming the album name in the file?





Hi & thanks,
I saw that but I can't figure out how to regroup the album title in
naming the folder.

The folder should be the album title "§2 - §1".

I can't find the answer to this anywhere.



Is that what you search for?

Action type: Format value
Format string: %artist% $right(%album%,$sub($len(%album%),$strstr(%album%, - ))) - $left(%album%,$sub($strstr(%album%, - ),1))


Many thanks, that worked perfectly!