Action to remove an embedded Album art of a certain size?

Hello, I am getting a batch of songs that have two embedded front cover album images, one at 500x500 and one at 700x700. I have an action that works on the higher res. and normalizes it to 600x600 (which I want to keep as the only album art in the song) but the 500x500 hangs out there and I have to manually remove it. Is there an action that can act on the that single file and its dimensions and purge it for me? Thanks!

unless you have not set different cover types (e.g. front and back), I see only the way to export both embedded pictures with a name that also features the width, e.g.
and then import the wider one with and action "Import cover" and the filename
Format string: %album%_600.jpg
and replace all existing embedded pictures.

Do you see a way to export and feature the width when there are 2 covers with different width present? Filtering for the width cannot be a solution because exporting covers with mp3tag cannot distinguish between the embeded covers without cover types set.

Yes, I just tried it as you made me think.
I have a file with 2 embedded pictures, one 353x500 the other one 500x600
I exported the pictures with

and ticked "Allow duplicates"
and format string %album%_%_cover_width%
and got 2 files in the folder: myalbum_353.jpg and myalbum_500.jpg

Now, it should be easy to import the wider picture with an action

and filename: %album%_500.jpg

Thanks. I forgot the duplicates option.

Thanks for the suggestions. To do more of a brute force streamline, how would one craft an action to simply remove the first album art MP3Tag finds? That would actually take care of 96% of the cases for me. Thanks.

Are you sure that you would hit the correct picture. Actually, it cannot be said which picture is the first one.
You would have to delete all pictures and then import only ones that you want to keep.

I would be monitoring it on an album level to ensure nothing purges I don't want; all the songs have the same album art order. I just need a way to purge the first jpg in the list vs. manually right clicking it and choosing 'remove'.

AFAIK, there is no way to get rid of the "first" picture with an action.
You can remove all the pictures with an action of the type "Remove picture" and the
field name: picture
But that removes all the pictures.
If you already have the better picture in the file system, you could import that and remove all existing covers