Action Type Numbers

Just curiosity, but is there a reference to what the n indicates in the MTA files for the action type? As in T= n.

My reason for asking is that I've been editing the scripting actions in Geany or Notepad++ simply because it's a bit difficult editing or creating something like this;

1=$ifgreater(%discnumber%,0,%discnumber%,$ifgreater(%dir_temp%,0,%discnumber%,$ifgreater( $regexp($mid(%_directory,$add($strstr($upper(%_directory,DISC),DISC),1),6),\\\\D*,),0, $regexp($mid(%_directory,$add($strstr($upper(%_directory,DISC),DISC),1),6),\\\\D*,),)))In the MP3Tag script editor.

(Extra spaces added so the single line of text doesn't "break out" of the floated code box )

Just in case you are wondering, it finds the word 'disc' in the parent directory of the files then returns the numeric value that follows it.
There are three similar ones that check for CD in the directory name and 'disc' or 'CD' in the album field.

WHY??? I hear you ask, and it's because I'm restructuring my rather random naming conventions when I originally converted my vinyl collection to digital

No there is no official reference.
Following is my list of the Mp3tag action types in german.

1 : Schreibweise. 2 : Ersetzen. 3 : Dateiname auf 64 Zeichen verkürzen. 4 : Ersetzen mit regulärem Ausdruck. 5 : Tagfeld formatieren 6 : Doppelte Tagfelder entfernen 7 : Tagfelder importieren. 8 : Doppelte Tagfelder zusammenfassen. 9 : Tagfelder entfernen. 10 : Tagfelder entfernen außer. 11 : Codepage konvertieren. 12 : Coverbild importieren. 13 : Coverbild exportieren. 14 : Textdatei importieren. 15 : Export. 16 : Tagfelder aufteilen.


1 = Case conversion

2 = Replace
3 = (unused)
4 = Replace with regular expression
5 = Format value
6 = Remove duplicate fields
7 = Guess value
8 = Merge duplicate fields
9 = Remove fields
10 = Remove fields except
11 = Convert codepage
12 = Import cover from file
13 = Export cover to file
14 = Import text file
15 = Export
16 = Split field by separator

Cheers! Saves me a bit of reverse engineering.

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