Hello all,
I'm wondering if there is an easy way to accomplish a brute force task. I have many albums that I've recently ripped, which happen to be multiple disc compilations. The track number for each disc starts at one, and goes up to the highest number on that disc; and then the second disc starts back at one.

I would prefer it if I could have the second disc start off where the first left off, i.e. if there are 16 tracks on the first one, I would like the first track on the second disc to start at 17. I have each disc currently ripped into a seperate folder, but is there an action or anything else I can do to have the track number updated to be the previous value +1?

Thanks for all ofy our help.

EDIT: I just now found the Auto-number wizard. Amazing how it always happens just after you make a post :laughing: