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Hi All ,

Been using mp3tag for a good while but not to it's full extent .

I've a large number of files that I wish to rename the Albums field on.

Here is an example of the existing field : 20 Original Chart Hits - 1963

I would like the new field to simply be : 1963

however there are 35 albums each with 20 files and they rise in year aka 1963 , 1964 , 1965 , etc

I would like to keep the years .

so to put it another way I have 700 files that I wish to remove 20 Original Chart Hits - from .

how to write the necessary action please ?

There are many different ways, one of them is a simple replace-action:
Field: ALBUM
Original: "20 Original Chart Hits - " (without quotes)
Replace with: (empty field)

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Thank-you I'll give that a try now and report back :slight_smile:

that works but I need to fine tune it , I've a space in front that I'd like to disappear



OK I've got it now :slight_smile:

needed to add an extra space into the remove field

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