Actions - Case conversion - Sentence - preceding numbers

Hello all

I've only just started using MP3tag and I'm very enthusiastic.

My files are all APE (APEv2) and MP3 (ID3v2.3)

My folder structure :
E:\Music<artist><year> <track>

MP3tag recognizes all this perfectly.

Some of my filenames are in what MP3tag calls "mixed case"
and I want to convert these to "sentence case" .

I've already done this on TITLE and it works fine
but in FILENAME the is preceded by
(some consisting of one - some of two digits).

How can I ask "Case conversion"
to start the sentence at the first word following the track number ?

Best regards from Ray

Hello all

I'll answer myself.
I did what should have been obvious
and simply added "0123456789"
to the box "word starting after"

  • probably not the most elegant solution
    but it seems to have done the trick.

If there is a cleaner way of representing the track numbers,
I'd still like to hear.
Best regards from Ray

Hello RussellRay!

Welcome to Mp3tag forums in first place!

I've been analyzing your request/method of formatting the filename and i can show you a "cleaner" method to achieve the same purpose:

%1 - Represents the 1st item of the filename (Tracknumber)
%2 - Represents the 2nd item of the filename (Title)
$caps3- It is the scripting function "case conversion Sentence" (I.E.: artist - ALBUM - 01 tItle -> Artist - album - 01 title)

Learn more about these clicking the following links:


Take care! :slight_smile: