'Actions' config, where?


Where are the 'Actions' settings kept? I've made some custom ones, and would like to back them up, but they are not located in the mp3tag\data diretory, (they just have the defaults).


Based on the above diagram, first of all, you need to click the first button (with the star icon) - New button (Mp3 Tag Options window) to create you own new action. Give it some name. After that, you will be prompted to the Actions window as shown. Again, click the star button and you will first be prompted with the "Select Action Type". So, please select what type of action do you want to create.

In my case, I want to format the track number, so I choose format value. Then it will prompt me with another window that goes the scripting. And that's all! I hope this helps. Thanks.


C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Mp3tag\data\actions :wink:


I see, thanks.