Actions | Configurable - No Dialog Box

I searched - forgive if duplicate & please redirect if appropriate.

v2.89a and version n-1 - when I select Configurable from the Action menu, a "ghost" of a rectangle dialog appears and quickly disappears. No crash, can still continue as expected, but no dialog allowing configurable actions.

(keep up the awesome work)

I cannot reproduce it.
So, could you check if the file mp3tag.cfg got somehow corrupted?
Close MP3tag, look for mp3tag.cfg in your installation and rename it.
Then start MP3tag again and see if you get a properly filled dialogue.
If not, then rename the file mp3tag.cfg again because then this apparently not the cause.

Also, not sure what you mean by "Configurable" from the actions menu. There is either "Actions" or "Actions (Quick)" — everything else are user-defined action groups.

Maybe what you see as "Configurable" is in fact a user-defined action group and the "ghost" rectangle dialog is the quickly disappearing progress dialog?

Due to missing feedback, I'm moving this topic to #bug-reports:no-bugs.

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