Actions ( custom )

I have some files named as follows :

Track-Artist-Title-Xxl.mp3 ( 3502-Arrested Development-People Everyday-Xxl.mp3 )

I would like to create a action that will remove the -Xxl ( Highlighted in bold ) from the
end of my file name. I have never created an action before so if this is possible please
give me a step by step if it's not going to take too long..

Thank You

Update : problem solved. I know most of you already know how to do this but if i need
to refer to this later here it is.

I went to Actions > Actions click the New icon and named my action in the field provided.
Then clicked the New icon again in the new window and choose the Replace action option.

Field - _Filename
Original - -Xxl
Replace with - ( left blank )

Then selected ok and ran the custom action and my problem was solved. I keep getting supprised by how versatile this program is