Actions duplicate loses focus

In Actions, Select an Action, click Duplicate, click OK.

The focus is lost. So e.g. TAB press fails (sounds a ding).

Same in Action Groups .

But the New and Edit buttons do not show this problem.

Me too, I would like to have the focus set back into the list view, after pressing the "duplicate" button resp. after closing the "rename" dialog.


What does "resp." mean?

BTW, I find no rename dialog on Actions.

When duplicating an existing action group, there comes up a re-/naming dialog.

The english abbreviation "resp." stands for the word "respectively", ...
in german "resp." stands for "respektive", ...
in german "bzw." stands for "beziehungsweise", ...
which have the meaning of "or" or "in the other case" ...
when there is some kind of relationship indicated between case A and case B,
when belonging or relating separately to each of several people or things.

The origin is in Latin "respectivus", ...
which is a contraction of "re-spectare", ...
which has the meaning of "look again" or "looking back" or "relate to" or "refer to".

In german language "respektive" is used as a conjunction, ...
in english language "respectively" is used as an adverb (e. g. this and that, respectively).

Sorry, in my english translations there is often the bad application of "resp." as a conjunction.


Ah, I hadn't recognised the "Name of action group" dialog as a rename dialog.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I get focus loss only if I click OK on both the "Name of action group" dialog and then the "Actions" dialog. Cancel on either leaves focus intact.

Tab tab tab tab tab, do not ask how, ... but it happens when removing an action group from the list of action groups ... and the focus get lost ... and this is the normal view when entering the dialog, right?


Here, different:

Hmm, yes, when the focus has been set into the list, the buttons are active and colored, but not on opening the dialog, because the focus is set on the 'new' button, but not into the list.
Maybe you are using a LCD screen with badly setup screen colors?
The order of the tab steps within this dialog is weird too.


Not here, D. That shot was of a new dialog.

I see nothing bad in that screen shot. And it was taken from Windows, not from the LCD display :slight_smile:

Agreed. It is partly because the list's focus is missing when there's no selection.

But for sure the up and down buttons have bee omitted from the tab sequence.

I've fixed the focus issues with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.87e.

Thanks for reporting and thanks for your patience.

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