Actions for external tools?

I have created an external tool and now would like to create an action group where the tool is one of the processing steps.

I searched the forum and found that it is not possible to create an action to execute a tool BUT all the forum entries were quite old (>10 years), so I'm wondering if this feature request may be implemented in the meantime and I'm simply too blind to find it :slight_smile:

No. Nothing has changed in that respect.
But if you tell us what the external tool does, perhaps there is a function for that in MP3tag.

Many thanks for the quick response.
I moved away from MediaMonkey (RIP) and am looking for other tools to post-process the audio files (ripped, digitalised or purchased) before adding them to my library.
This means

  • Tagging (esp. genre to avoid gazillion of genres)
  • Renaming the files based on my own naming convention
  • Moving them into the correct library folder

All of these tasks can (easily) be done with Mp3Tag. The latter two with actions

However there is another critical step:

  • Volume normalisation.
    For which I configured a command line tool ... and I doubt that this functionality is hidden somewhere in Mp3Tag. Or am I wrong?

As it deals with the audio part and not the tags it means that this function is not available in MP3tag.
It is still true, though, that you can call a tool as an extra step.

Thanks, I thought so :slight_smile:
This means two steps instead of one: I guess, I can manage that.

Still, it would be nice to integrate the tools with the actions in the future.

I see a lot of problems in respect to flow controle and feedback from the called program:
can it be called with multiple instances or has MP3tag to wait for it to finish?
Has it finished its job so that MP3tag could execute the next step?
Has it finished normally or with an error?
And probably a couple more problems.

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