Actions Menu ordering

I do not seem to be able to change the order of the action groups on the actions menu. I searched the registry and the config but see no way to alter it. I have been giving actions names like 1_xxx and 2_xxx and this has some effect I think if I create an action from scartch, but if I make a copy of 2_xxx and name it 01_xxx, it does not appear at the top of the menu, but instead it appears next to the item I copied from. Does any one know how I can define the order of the action groups that appear on my actions menu ?

Click on the Actions menu>Actions, and in the window that lists all the actions in the bottom-right are two order buttons: Up/Down. You can also group them into sub-menus by prefixing a name followed by #.

Eg: Podcasts#My Action

thanx Lauren
that was dumb of me, appreciate your reply it was doing my head in
BTW love your movies