Actions No Longer Sorting by User Order

In the Actions menu, there was and still is, an option to sort Actions based on preference. Regardless of user modification, all Actions end up sorting alphabetically.

I cannot confirm this problem.
Indeed all actions were suddenly sorted alphabetically some days ago. But I am not sure whether this was caused by one of the updates i made or by a crash caused by not enough memory that happened some days ago. I hope that this will not happen with every update now.:unamused:

I have success by sorting them manually again to my wishes.

Please note, that you need to confirm the changed sorting via "OK" (and not "Close").

Due to missing feedback, I'm moving this topic to #bug-reports:no-bugs.

In the past, you could set you Action order via Close and not OK. The problem with using the OK option is it tries to perform the Action(s).

All I want to do is sort the Actions. In prior releases you could do this and it would save and stay on Close. As of most recent release (2.90) ... this is still not working.

AFAIK this is not true.
That is the reason why I have an action group with no action in it which is always active. So when I use OK, this action is executed (and does nothing) and the configuration is saved.
I have this action since way back when so it can't be a recent change.

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