Actions question

Does anyone know if it's possible to add the autonumbering wizard to an action group?

yes, no, partially.

No, the tracknumbering wizard cannot be called with its full functionality like reset when the folder changes and a starting value.
Partially: You can use the variable %_counter% to count the currently selected files in an ascending order.
So in an action of th type "Format value" for the field in question, you can use a format string like
Format string: $num(%_counter%,2)

No but you can use AutoHotkey to bypass the popup dialog and go with the defaults already set.
Which requires one less click :wink:

  1. Install AutoHotkey.
  2. Paste below into fresh notepad file and save with the extension .ahk
  3. Double click file to run the script
  4. Use CTRL+N on selected files to renumber (It will apply the defaults settings with were the previous ones).
  5. If you want this to load with windows startup: paste file into startup folder... paste the following in bold into WIN+R edit box or address bar in windowsshell:Common Startup
; Short-cut: CTRL+N
; TRACK turbo Auto-Renumberererer
#IfWinActive ahk_exe Mp3tag.exe
    sleep 200
    SendInput {Ctrl Down}+{k Down}
    Sleep 50
    SendInput {k Up}+{Ctrl Up}
    send, {enter}; This next line auto accepts the AR dialog

This was perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. I only grab one folder at a time anyway, so not being able to recognise new folders is fine.
Additionally, is there one "master clear" action to wipe any field except ones I choose? Really would help in instances when for some reason a particular song is listed in albums as being different from the rest of the record.

There is an action to remove a set of named fields or a all fields except:

Cool, thanks. I did try that but despite telling it NOT to clear the %artist% tag, it still does. Strange.

Check the expression for typos like the odd artsit or atrist or added blanks follwing the fieldname.
I mean: if it works for the rest of the fields, why shouldn't it work for ARTIST?

I know, that's my point. It seems ridiculous but I tried it over and over.

Could you then copy and paste the string that you entered as field list here in the forum for more eyes to have a look at it?

Note: a "tag" can be understood as a package, which is shouldered or glued at the beginning or at the end of an existing file.
Such tag can have an inner structure as of ID3v1 tag or ID3v2.3 tag or ID3v2.4 tag or APE tag or MP4 tag and so on.
Within a tag-structure the additional descriptive data value is stored into a designated tag-field, e. g. named as ARTIST.

To get a value from a tagfield, Mp3tag offers and applies a special functionality, written as ... %ARTIST%.
This way the content extractor symbol %ARTIST% delivers the content from the tagfield ARTIST.

You have to be aware of, when in Mp3tag the name of a tag field is meant (e. g. ARTIST), or the content of a tag field is meant (e. g. %ARTIST%).


Yup, I was just going to do that. :wink:
This is all I added. The line just deletes all these tags from the tracks even though I'm choosing "Remove fields except".

It has to be:

Have a look at the help-file.

...aha! So it does. Worked. :slight_smile:
A keyboard shortcut would be great now for ULTIMATE laziness. :smiley:

see /t/15737/1

Hmm.. I tried that. Doesn't seem to work. Alt-6 just brings up the Action menu and then the letter I chose does nothing.

And how did you call the action?

I called it "&Full Tag"
So Alt-6-F doesn't seem to respond the correct way.

Take Alt-a instead of Alt-6.

That worked. Brilliant.
Plus I've learned a lot through you about how to generate my own commands by studying yours. I'm currently trying to build one that can copy only the folder name that music is in, not the whole path, and use it verbatim as Album title.